Engage Employees, Measure Performance & Celebrate Impact

My Effect fosters meaningful workplace engagement by empowering personal development and celebrating impact. We make it fun and easy for employees to get involved in their community while providing you with valuable insights into employee motivation.






Mobilize Action

Foster team culture by sharing volunteer opportunities and campaigns through the Action portal. Further engage with a member hub to centralize communications, post live updates, and gather team resources all in one place.

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Uncover the intrinsic motivations of your community members

Strengthen Employee Motivation

Uncover the intrinsic motivators of your employees. Find out what drives them to take action by tracking their favourite causes, top skills and peak engagement times.

Advance Professional Development

Provide employees with the resources they need to achieve personal development goals and showcase leadership. Align your opportunities and initiatives to their skill sets and document their leadership journey with Impact Resumes™.

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Measure Impact in real time

Measure Impact & Performance

Gain aggregated insights into employee performance and engagement trends to improve team culture and report on corporate objectives. 


Equip your employees with Impact Resumes™ to showcase the side of them others often don’t see.
Impact Resumes showcase an employee’s community leadership and social footprint in easy and shareable profiles. They offer employees a means to differentiate themselves in the market and advance personal development goals. 

How We Help

Integrated Sharing

Integrated Sharing

Inspire employees to become community ambassadors and share your initiatives among their networks

Impact Tallies

Impact Tracking

Measure action impact to track employee achievement towards corporate social responsibility objectives

Impact Resume

Impact Resumes™

Add value by aligning your initiatives to the personal development goals of employees

Contribution Reports

Contribution Reports

Analyze engagement trends and corporate impact including people helped, volunteer hours and more!



Track progress, inspire friendly challenges and recognize those actively engaged with custom leaderboards

Action Portal

Action Portal

 Make it easy for employees to find community opportunities that align with their interests and skill sets


Easy Mobile App

Automatically track employee action and associated impact on the go with My Effect’s free mobile app

Member Hub

Member Hub

Foster team culture with a space for employees to share their cause passions and community resources

Inspire Meaningful Employee Engagement

Increase Campaign Success

My Effect campaigns offer an easy way to collaborate with nonprofit partners and market your corporate social responsibility initiatives.  Social sign ups, leaderboards and My Effect’s built in rewards program help convert campaign awareness to action while impact tracking help measure ROI on your investments. 


My Effect was founded by North America’s leading Youth Mobilizer, Kelly Lovell. Drawing on her Millennial expertise Kelly Lovell designed My Effect to meet the needs of the millennial employee. We offer the world’s first employee engagement platform designed specifically for young professionals. Whether you are seeking to recruit top young talent or reduce turn over of existing millennial employees, My Effect’s model of the Modern Change Leader will help you attract and retain their interest. 

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Mobilize Action with Measurable Results!

Learn how we provide meaningful insight into employee motivations and improve engagement in community initiatives